Acoustic Irish Music from Bellingham, Washington


" from the marrow of their souls..." - Reviews by Scot Casey.

"...instantly impressed..." - Review of Gallowglass and Irish and Folk Mondays by  Dana Hubanks


Some Wedding Reviews:

"I will never forget Gallowglass' gentle, joyous melodies as they wafted through the trees where my father and I waited to walk down the aisle. The music, once through the leaf layer, amplified in the green light. Step in step, we felt the music like sunlight as we emerged from the forest and walked towards our wedding guests. Gallowglass' harmonies, both simple and intricate, helped guide our walk, through the crowd, towards my husband. Such joy. Later, after greetings, dinner, speeches, and pie, Gallowglass' music drew us to the dance floor. My husband and I danced our first dance in the settling dusk light. I couldn't have imagined any other music to accompany us. Soon joined by our family and friends, the beat picked up. We danced hard. Everyone was smiling, even the band members. Thank you, Gallowglass, for a day and night of beautifully played music. With Jubilation, Kiah and Matt" - Married Saturday, August 27, 2016


"For our wedding the band Gallowglass was just so great. Jan worked with us to provide the right tunes at key moments. After a bagpipe recessional (Aaron Malcomb of Puirt na Gael Scottish Band), there were no dry eyes! Who knew you could tango to a Swedish waltz played by a Celtic group? The band was quiet enough for dinner conversation, then loud enough for dancing  afterward. The fiddler even called a basic Contra dance to get everyone moving! Bill and Jane Dowe" - Married July 2, 2016 


"We were very honored to have Gallowglass share their beautiful music for our wedding this spring. All the musicians in Gallowglass are so talented and professional, we didn't have to worry about a thing, they had us covered! They set festive tone with Celtic tunes as guests arrived creating a delightful atmosphere perfect to set the stage for our ceremony. They played beautifully for both our procession and recession and their timing was impeccable. The music flowed seamlessly with the other elements of our ceremony. After the ceremony Gallowglass played for another hour during out meet and greet while guests mingled and began celebrating. It was the perfect touch to our ceremony that filled the air with a mystical and romantic tone.  Overall, Jan Peters and Gallowglass added rich element of folk music and a touch of magic with both festive and ethereal Irish tunes. We are so pleased and would highly recommend them for any occasion! Thanks again! Catherine and Andy" - Married April 30, 2016