Acoustic Irish Music from Bellingham, Washington

- collectively -

Gallowglass is an acoustic Irish band from Bellingham, Washington. The band was formed on March 17, 2014 by Jan Peters (vocals, bouzouki, harmonicas), Zach Bauman (vocals, guitar, mandolins), David Lofgren (bodhrán, percussion). Now a five piece band for since 2017, regional traditional fiddle great Margaret Inez Driscoll and singer wonder Mishon Kirkland fill out the sound stunningly. The band has been playing small venues, festivals, weddings and other events in the Bellingham region since their formation. 


- individually -

Jan Peters has run several bands in our Bellingham area. There has always been a traditional folk music element in all the music he plays and songs he writes and sings. He took a trip a few Octobers ago to visit music comrades and friends in the Davis, Ca area. While there he met two incredibly fine Irish and Trad music players and fell into a group with them called The Blackbird. He soon picked up an Irish bouzouki for a deeper chordal sound, and that group became his full time occupation for almost two years. Now returned to Bellingham, he's very excited to have formed Gallowglass with Zach and Brit to carry on his love of this music.

Jan Peters has had several bands in the Bellingham area since 2010: The Monday Night Project, The Naked Hearts, and now Gallowglass.

Before moving to the great northwest he played and toured with various bands out of the Davis, California area for 17 years.

There has always been a traditional folk music element in all the music he plays and songs he writes and sings.

A distinctive vocalist and harmonica player, Jan’s devotion to Irish and fine acoustic and traditional music is a constant in his life and work and finds an endless wealth of inspiration within Gallowglass.

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Margaret Inez Driscoll is a championship fiddler of Scottish and Cape Breton music. She is in Puirt na Gael Scottish Band which features two championship Scottish pipers Skye Richendrfer, and Aaron Malcom.

Her love of Irish playing was rekindled upon learning that Gallowglass was on the hunt for a new fiddler after Brit Keeton made plans to move out of the Bellingham area.  

She teaches fiddle in both Mount Vernon and Bellingham and is one of the greater region’s most outstanding traditional fiddlers.

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Zach Bauman studied music at Western Washington University. He grew up in New England, nurtured by the region's rich culture of folk music. He has been making music in the Bellingham area for almost ten years.

Zach plays Irish mandolin like no one else in the area - driving, elegant, innovative, and has a groove on the bouzouki that is truly hard to beat, and a joy to feel. He’s also a fine singer.

David Lofgren is a percussionist who is involved in many bands in the Bellingham region.  He's been devoted the Irish frame drum for 7 years now. His accomplishments as a percussionist and his passion for Irish music come together with his bodhrán playing in Gallowglass. 

David’s rhythmic creativity and drive are a defining feature of Gallowglass contributing greatly to that place where tradition meets the new.

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Mishon Kirkland comes newly into Gallowglass summer 2018 having moved to Bellingham in Summer of ‘17. She came down to sing for the weekly Irish & Folk Mondays session that Jan hosts and within moments a hush befell the area surrounding her.

She brings a new light and sound to Gallowglass, having sung and played music her whole life including in Ireland, and we are very happy she’s with us now.